November Bisley 2018


Success! After minor logistical difficulties, the weekend finally came together! I think we can all agree we had a fantastic fullbore experience. Shoutout to Tom Hill, our fullbore captain, for conducting an overall very enjoyable weekend. The coaching, the socials, the fun guns…Thank you Tom for your terrific organisation – it has not gone unnoticed!

Us at the EURC would like to give a special HUGE thank you to Richard Stebbings at the BYSA for all his hard work helping us through our weekend and especially for his extremely generous kit donation. Stebbings, you recognised our club’s growing numbers and have contributed greatly to the accommodation of all our keen, new shooters. You new kit will also greatly improve access for left handed shooters and marksmen of smaller stature, meaning that our club can welcome even more shooters! Thank you so much.

Quotes from participants on the weekend:

Alex Spensley, 2nd year EURC member – “My highlight was definitely the fun guns, having missed them last year it was great to shoot something other than a target rifle! I would also like to thank Stebbings for his generosity with kit and lending us rifles for the weekend.”

Eleanor Graham, 1st year EURC member – “I always love going to Bisley, which like always was its own brand of charming (found somewhere between the early early morning starts and the smell of cordite on Century). It was a fantastic way to spend time with the team, and meeting members who had already graduated really put into perspective the legacy of shooters I’m now at the end of. It was a fantastic trip, and I’ll always look on it fondly as my first EURC Bisley – I’ll be sure to remember my anti-icing kit next time though!”

Jackie Chan, 3rd year EURC Committee – “Being in my third year and still being able to have an opportunity to travel with the Rifle Club has made my university life very exciting!”

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