University of Exeter Colours and Awards Ceremony 2019

On the 22nd May 2019, the Athletics Union at the University of Exeter hosted a Colours and Awards Ceremony for all of the outstanding athletes who have deserved official recognition for their achievements.

Three members of the Rifle Club were chosen to receive awards this year. Jason Pepera-Hibbert was awarded University Colours, the highest accolade that can be bestowed by the University, for his fantastic achievements this year as a member of the GB U25 squad that competed in the World Championships in Trentham, New Zealand.

Congratulations Jason for receiving University Colours!

Our Club Captain, Natasha, also received an award at the ceremony. She received the Club Award for her outstanding commitment and service to the society throughout her time serving as Captain.

Congratulations to Natasha for receiving a Club Award this year!

Huge congratulations to Natasha, all of her hard work has been recognised by the Athletics Union – in addition to her Club Award this year, she was also shortlisted to the final 6 out of all 50 AU Sports Societies for Club Captain of the Year.

A fantastic evening of celebration amongst some of the University of Exeter’s top athletes.

And finally, Danny Lay also received an award this year – Club Colours, but due to training commitments unfortunately could not attend the ceremony. Congratulations to Danny for all of his successes this year, including his amazing performance at ESSU.

Congratulations to the Rifle Club’s three recipients of Colours and Awards this year, you all deserve your success and recognition!

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