The Committee

Club Captain

Louisa Collier

Louisa 2

Louisa is a fourth year Physics student who has now been a member of the Rifle Club for just over 2 years. Having only taken up rifle shooting in her second year, she’s a relative newbie to the sport, but over those years the range has become one of her favourite places to be. She has made many close friends during her time as part of the club, and is excited to make this year’s freshers feel as welcomed as she did when she first joined.

General Secretary

Tom Hill

Tom Hill 2

Tom is a second year International Relations student and loves being part of the EURC. He started shooting 5 years ago with the CCF to avoid playing cricket. Fun fact – he likes to spend his weekends at Go Ape in the summer holidays.

Senior Advisor

James Mac Taggart

James 2

James is a 4th year medical student who joined the Rifle club at a taster session in term 2 of his first year after my housemate brought me down. He enjoyed his time with the club so much that he stuck with it and joined the committee and BUCS teams.


Dan Studholme

Dan 2

Dan joined the rifle club in his first year by wandering around the Freshers’ Fair and thinking rifle shooting sounded really interesting. He was part of the CCF at school so had done some shooting before but not competitively. He found being part of the club a really fun experience that was also very chilled. He thinks the best part of the club are our frequent trips to Bisley, where it’s a really good opportunity to meet people at different unis.

Fullbore Captain

Tom De La Cour


Tom has been shooting for 5 years and has had a great first year in EURC. His highlights of Fullbore shooting have been representing Jersey and the Athelings in competition and he is looking forward to organizing this years Bisley trips which are one of the best parts of the EURC calendar. Tom was voted last years’ strongest Fresh so is looking forward to seeing some new faces at Monday Fever!

Smallbore and Pistol Captain 

Mikey Chammings


Mikey first started rifle shooting while at school, and so naturally decided joined the uni rifle club. This year he’ll be working on getting the new and exciting addition of pistol fully established in the club, whilst also continuing to help out with smallbore training for both freshers and returning members.


Changcheng Li


Changcheng had his first athletic shooting experience as a fresher in EURC. Although he had no foundation in this sport, he is always filled with confidence when he sees that he has made progress. During the year, he felt that many people in the club helped him very kindly, so he did not feel nervous as a novice. He hopes this good feeling can be passed on to the people that will be joining our club this year.

Social Secretary

Dylan Richards


Dylan is a third year radiography student who has been shooting with us for two years now. He was coerced into becoming a member by a previous committee member in his first year whilst on his way to join archery and hasn’t looked back since. His goals this year are to compete in fullbore as much as he can and to provide fun opportunities to make friends through Rifle Club socials.

Social Secretary and Competitions Officer

Eleanor Graham

Eleanor 2

Eleanor started shooting three years ago at her sixth form college and absolutely fell in love with it, competing in every Imperial meeting since starting the sport! She is currently in her second year of a History degree, but don’t let that fool you, she chose Exeter for its rifle team! She’s made many good friends through EURC, and wants to help foster more opportunities for people to make friends through her joint role of Competitions Officer and one of our Social Secs! Fun fact: She was born in Canada and lived there until she was 12.

Publicity & Stash Secretary

Alex Spensley


Alex has been shooting for the last 7 years and so knew he wanted to join the club when he came to uni. He found everyone very welcoming during both training and the socials. He would recommend joining to anyone considering it.

Range Officer

Alex Stevens

Stevens 2

Alex is a third year studying Physics who joined EURC last year after being brought to a taster session by a friend, having never shot target rifle before. Fun fact, he was awarded the wooden spoon last year for shooting a card with a score of 68/100.